Girl Behind

Hi! It’s Riya here again. I must say that I’m so lucky that you’re interested in knowing me.

Myself Riya Patel, people also call me ‘Complicated’. I’m the Founder, Creator, & Owner of Guidehut. Considering my age, I’m 13 years old and my 14th year is running(According to my Birthdate 50/14/2007). 

After knowing my age you must get an idea that I’m a student. Okay, Let’s open the suspense. Currently, I’m in standard 9th in India’s #14 best school Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya (JNV). And I’m so lucky that I’m studying in Navodaya and have been called Navodaiyans.  

It’s all about my Education life.

Focusing on my Hometown, I’m from Gujarat, India.

As you can guess I’m from India so, Our morning table and evening relaxation are not complete without Tea. I love TEA. In fact, I recommend you to once read the book called “Chai: The Experience Of Indian Tea”. I have read it many times and I just can’t stop reading it. Maybe you got one more idea from it. 

Yes! I Love Reading. I just love reading books. I’m recently reading “Homo Dues” by Yuval Noah Harari. And I’m loving it. Because this is my Business related website I must suggest you read “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “Think and Grow Rich” & “Start With Why”. Also, there are many other books than it but I suggest this because I have read them. And Yes you can read others too rather than this. 

But, I can’t only read Business and Entrepreneur’s Books. In Actual, I more read Fiction Books. The first book (except studies books) I read in my life is a self-help book called “Good Vibes Good Life” by Vex King. But after that, I was just reading Friction books for a long time. I have read the 3 books by Justin Crown, it’s “The Passage”, “The Twelve” and “The City of Mirror”. It’s so amazing. To the Youth and Teenagers or for everyone I must suggest reading “To Kill Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee. The book is so Beautifully written and much amazing. I’m still can’t stop myself from reading it again and again. Rather than this, I have read “The Great Derangement” by Amitav Ghosh, “Home Fire” by Kamila Shamsie, “Kafka on the Shore”, “Norwegian Wood”, and “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami, “Latitudes of Longing” by Shubhangi Swarup and my all-time favorite 7 books of “Harry Potter” by J.K Rowling. 

As I love reading, I also love Writing. I write Poems and Short Stories (not long because I’m not a great writer). My all-time forever Favorite poet and storyteller is Sriti Jha. I can’t share it publicly but sometimes I share it with my fans on Instagram. If you also want to read then you can visit my Instagram account. 

So, that all about myself, my education, my hobbies, and stuff like it. And now I want to share the most important thing about myself. 

I’m talking about my Inspiration, Motivation, and My Everything. It’s my parents who support me every time for every right decision. My parents are like my backbone. I can’t live without them. Thanks to my parents. And I’m here is because of them. So thanks to my Mom and Dad.

But, there is also someone else who is my everything. It’s Sriti Jha. An Indian Actress. Maybe you have seen her on a Zee TV show called “Kumkum Bhagya” playing the lead role of “Pragya”.

She inspires me a lot. When first time I started my blogging journey, there are lots of downs and once a time I thought to quit it but Sriti gives me motivation and I continued it. And now I’m here is just because of her. Not only this but she inspires and motivates me many times in My Personal Life. Also, my habit of reading and writing comes from her. As I mention before she’s my favorite poet. There are lots of similar things in us. Such as we love solo travel, we love Instagram, we love slacking, and many more. 

So, that’s all about me. And again Thank you so much that you’re interested in me.

Thank You…..

Riya Patel.