10+ Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business – Guidehut

10+ Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business – Guidehut

First of all, I want to tell you one thing that, if you want to do something than having reasons for it is not needed. Like if you want to start your own business than you need passion more than reasons. So, in that way you wouldn’t need reasons but still I have wrote down 10+ reasons on why you should start your business. I hope this help you.

Are you toying with an idea for a business? A lot of people think about starting a business, but for whatever reason, the idea never becomes a reality. If you’re an entrepreneur who is on the fence about starting a business, we have the encouragement you need to take the first step.

There are dozens of reasons why people want to start a new business. Some have lost their jobs, while others want to build something for their children. Some dream of living a better life, or they don’t want to be bossed around at work anymore. Regardless of the reason, the purpose of starting a business shouldn’t be based on dreams alone.

When you start a business, you’re putting your financial well-being at stake and your family’s well-being, too, if they depend on you. So, if you’re ready to turn to start a business “someday” into “today,” you need solid reasons.

Here I have 15 solid reasons why you should start your own business that you wouldn’t Ignore.

1. You’ll be following your passions.

Many entrepreneurs start their own businesses to follow their dreams and fulfill their passion. Following your dreams will fulfill you in a way that working for someone else may not do. You are in charge of creating your business from the ground up, so you can shape your company to be something you’re proud of and that you may even be able to pass on to your children as your legacy.

“Being an entrepreneur means that I get to work on things that really light me up inside,” she explains. “I’m not stuck doing busy work or tasks that no one else wants to do.”

Sarah O’Toole, owner of The Seasonal Diet

One reason to start a business is so that your job can be something that thrills you. Most people would love to have work that centers on something they care deeply about. It’s time to break out your passion.

Well, maybe.

Let’s get real: not everything you enjoy could make a business that makes money. Let’s use a silly example. I love watching The Colbert Report, but nobody will pay me to watch it. Even if the show wasn’t ending, nobody would pay me to watch it.

Superstar entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau points out this reality in his book, The $100 Startup (a short read that I readily recommend).

Chris Guillebeau $100 Startup - Why start business - Guidehut.in

2. Work From Anywhere

Isn’t it fun working on the beach or river? Of course it is. I love to do my work by sitting on my near by small but amazing mountain.

There’s something magical about the daydream of you drinking a daiquiri or a beer on the beach working on your laptop at sunset. It almost feels surreal – doing what you love where you’ve always dreamed of being. And while it can be hard to use your laptop with the sun’s glare on your screen, the truth is working from anywhere does have its perks. You can run your business from your laptop during a flight to an exotic destination. Or at a coffee shop, library, coworking space, home, and basically any other place with a Wi-Fi connection. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to work in the same boring place all the time. So if you’re looking for the freedom to work anywhere, you can add this to your list of reasons to start a business. You might also find that the digital nomad lifestyle is for you.

3. Freedom

Freedom - Why Start Business - Guidehut.in

If you ask people why they started a business, experiencing freedom would be at the top of most lists. Freedom is the golden promise of entrepreneurship.

  • Within the 25 countries, the study looked at, an average of 38% of beginning business owners cited independence as a motivation.
  • Independence served as a reason for 35% of entrepreneurs in the US and 39% in the UK.
  • In Australia and Japan, 57% of beginning owners pointed to independence as their motivator.

Why does this fervor for freedom move people to hurl themselves into the crazy world of business? Freedom is having more control over the course of your life, having the power to direct it in the ways that you want, rather than working for the whims of others.

Of course, business owners still do need to cater to market demand. But when you become the business owner, you choose how to do that. It gives you greater autonomy.

4. You’ll Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills - Why Start Business - Guidehut.in

From accounting to marketing and everything in between, the variety of skills you” You learn as an entrepreneur is endless.

Don’t think that you need an MBA. This isn’t the corporate world–starting your own business is a different critter, and in many cases, you can pick up the entrepreneurial skills you need as you go.

In fact, many people start businesses because they want to learn new skills. It”‘s a dynamic way to grow your know-how.

Why does learning fill so much of the plate here? Starting a business takes more than your idea. You need the skills to make it a reality and bring in customers. Entrepreneurship lets you learn those skills as you go and apply them along the way.

Since you probably can’t be an expert in everything, you can also pay others to do some of these things (hey, we freelancers have to stay in business somehow). But the more you learn, the more you can do yourself.

5. Everyday Brings New Challenge

Everyday Brings New Challenge - Why Start Business - Guidehut.in

If you’re tired of the routine that often comes with a cubicle job, starting a business offers a way to break free. By starting your own business, you escape the stagnation of life. It never really feels old, there are always new challenges to face, and you never stop learning.

Many entrepreneurs sacrifice a lot of free time and social time in the early days of their startup. But time isn’t the only issue: in a new business, money is tight, work piles up, and plans go wrong.

Starting a business is hard. That’s why the study asked successful business owners what advice they could offer to people thinking about starting a business. The top three things to do are:

  • Fully research the business idea first (21%)
  • Have passion or commitment (19%)
  • Plan properly (19%)

The challenges of starting a business are not insurmountable, and they can in fact be satisfying to beat.

For me, the challenge is like opportunity. Because if we wouldn’t take the challenge or face challenge our chance of getting success will be decreased. And is true. Facing challenges makes a business more strong and long lastable.

6. Surround Yourself With Good People

Starting a business means you get to select the people you work with. You have complete control over not only employees and vendors, but most importantly, clients. You can hire or fire people based on your own guidelines and work only with people who are a good personality fit.

May be you have read or not but it is my favorite self help book called “Good Vibes Good Life” by Vex King.

In that book he said that if you’re surrounded with more good people, the more good vibes you have.

Personally, when I think to start my business I take advice from so many of my friends and family. So many of them are negative comments and suggestions. And very few of them are supporting me. At that time I’m feeling so bad. so sad. At that time one of my close friends tells me that some people are still with me. You just have to be surrounded by them. Then when I started planning for my business with my team members It’s just like an awesome day every day.

That’s the power of Goodness. So when you start a business you will meet so many people of different types. And that joy is so beautiful.

7. You Can Make More Money

Make more Money - Why Start Business - Guidehut.in

A successful business could earn you lots of money. Arianna Huffington, the founder of HuffingtonPost, has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Richard Branson, the entrepreneur behind Virgin, had a net worth of $4.3 billion. Then there’s Bill Gates, who started Microsoft. He’s sitting at a nice $115 billion.

Money is a big reason that many people start businesses. The International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal study I mentioned earlier points out that, across the 29 countries examined, an average of 23% of entrepreneurs are in it (at least in part) to increase their wealth. While it’s a common motive, the percentage of entrepreneurs who embrace it varies between countries.

As an employee, there are limits to how much money you’ll make. You are defined by a line item in an accounting ledger. An entrepreneur who starts his own business can break free from this actuarial perspective and redefine the value he brings to the market.

It’s said that money doesn’t buy happiness, but that adage doesn’t quite jibe with modern research. Some scholars say that after a certain amount of income, more money doesn’t make you happier. But even they conceded that up until that point, more money does help.

But no matter how much you care about money, it isn’t the only reason to think about starting a business. Let’s keep going through the reasons.

And making money give you Financial Freedom. And Financial Freedom gives you fulfill your all dreams sometimes.

8. You Could Create Jobs

Create Jobs - Why start business - Guidehut.in

If you start a company, you might one day need to hire employees. On that day, you’ll have created an opportunity for someone else. Sure, when you first start, your business will be small. But that’s not bad, because it’s often small businesses that create jobs.

Maybe you grew up in a home where your family lived paycheck to paycheck, or you watched seasonal workers in your family get laid off each year. A popular reason to start a business sometimes comes from wanting to create jobs to help other families. Some entrepreneurs love that they can give back an opportunity that someone once gave them: a paying job. This altruistic reason to start a business leads to a sense of fulfillment and purpose, which keeps entrepreneurs motivated for years to come.

And let’s not just look at the raw number of new jobs. There’s more to it. As the owner of a company, you could treat your employees well, create a stellar company culture, and make people feel like they’re involved in something that’s worth it. Be the boss you wish you had (or, perhaps, emulate a great manager you’ve worked under).

9. You’ll Have Meaning And Purpose

A business can be a fantastic source of meaning in your life.

Meaning, or purpose, matters. It differs from happiness, which I talked a little bit about earlier, in that happiness is made of moment-to-moment pleasures, while meaning stems from an overarching sense of purpose.

Starting a business is a grand project. If you’re serious about it, then it immediately carries purpose.

Commitment strengthens that sense of purpose, and ownership strengthens commitment. In one neat experiment, researchers ran an experiment that divided the test subjects into two groups of people for a lottery. Members of one group were randomly assigned a number for the lottery, while members of the other group got to write down a number of their choice.

When looking at the gene expression profiles of the adults in the study, the researchers saw that high levels of happiness, just like adversity, turned on inflammatory genes. The problem with that is huge because they noted that this kind of undesirable inflammation can lead to heart disease, brain disease, and cancer.

But the findings aren’t all sky-is-falling awful. While self-indulgent happiness alone might spell bad news, the scientists found that high levels of meaning clamped down on inflammatory genes. Striding through life with purpose can boost your health.

10. Turn your vision into reality

Vision into Reality - Why start business - Guidehut.in

Have a great idea for a business? Turning that idea into an actual thriving business is quite rewarding. If you believe in your business model and it is something the world needs, starting a business is an effective way to ensure your vision is achieved.

Everyone has their different vision and dreams, but many less of them turn them into reality. Having a clear and clean perspective/vision makes your dream comes true.

So first make your vision clear and then you can make your vision into reality.

11. Leverage The Internet

Businesses can leverage the Internet to advertise, blog, poll customers, sell products, and reach a wider audience than ever before.

There’s a word for all this buying and selling on the Internet–ecommerce–a word whose importance has been magnified by the growth of online businesses. It’s not here to sprint, pant, and die. It’s here, marathon-like, for the long term.

The Internet also offers a host of tools that make starting a business easier. For instance, the power of the web lets you collect data on visitors to a company website, which you can analyze and use to inform A/B testing.

To run a business, you need customers. The internet provides a universal business platform for which the traditional old fashioned requirements for brick and mortar, location, employees, and advertising do not apply.

12. You Own Your Decision – And You Can Make Your Own Reasons

Maybe, as you read this post, you drafted your own list, a little screed offering 21 reasons against starting a business. Maybe not. Either way is fine because whether or not you start a business is your own decision. You have to weigh the pros and the cons and move from there, all while remembering that you won’t know what will happen if you don’t dive in.

How many times has your boss made a decision that you disagree with? Running your own business means you make the decisions. Whether they are good or bad, you’ll stand by your choices. Being an entrepreneur means making your own choices, if you fail it’s on you, but if you succeed it’s because of you.

Ready To Start Business?

The beauty of entrepreneurship is that it lets you seize on the freedom to make your own decisions and control your own destiny in a way that conventional jobs do not. And in making your own decisions, you can make your own reasons.

Now you wouldn’t give an excuse to postpone your business. If you want to achieve big you have run fast without any excuse.

So, now you wouldn’t have any excuse to stop starting your business here I have the best In-depth detail on how should you start your business.

What are your reasons for starting a business? Did any of the ideas I listed click with you? Do you have additions of your own? Please let me know in the comments below!

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